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We have prepared for you the “General Terms of the Agreement”, which should be carefully read before signing, so that you will not be surprised by any inconvenience on your journey.


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The general terms and conditions are binding of both parties.
During the rental period, the tenant will act as a good master and will, as a road user, respect the road traffic regulations and regulations regarding safe and permitted overnight stays.

On demand (by e-mail, orally or in writing), the agent will prepare an individualized offer that will correspond to the needs and wishes of the tenant and will send it to the tenant by e-mail. Acceptance of the offer must be confirmed to the agent by e-mail within three days of the receipt of the offer. Our e-mail is:
The acceptance of the offer must include all the information on the agreement and acceptance of the essential components of the lease; first and last name of the driver, validity date of the driving license, permanent residence, birth date, telephone number, e-mail, list of persons or other passengers who will travel with the camper van, desired type of the camper van and the rental time.
Upon the return of the accepted offer, a pro forma invoice will be issued in the amount of 30% of the total amount of the lease. After payment of the said amount the contract will be prepared and submitted for signature. By signing the contract it is assumed that the tenant is acquainted with the General conditions for renting a camper van and accepts them in full. The content of the contract shall become binding for both parties.
In case booking and confirmation are made via Internet, it is is assumed that the tenant read the terms of the agreement and agrees with them.

After the entry into force of the contract, a pro forma invoice will be issued, which must be paid no later than three weeks before the date of the agreed rental. The agreed time limit shall be considered as a fixed deadline for complying with the payment obligation and in the event of delay, the Divorce Contract is deemed to be. Exceptionally, for the reservation of the rental term within the 30-day period, the full amount is paid at reservation time.
A certificate of payment will be issued on the complete and timely fulfillment of the obligation, on the basis of which the motorhome can be pecked up on the agreed day at the agreed time.

In case of booking cancellation, the following charges are applied:
– cancellation up to and including 30 days before departure, 10% of the total value of the lease;
– cancellation from 29 to 15 days before departure, 50% of the total value of the lease;
– when cancellation is within 14 days to the day of departure, it is retained 100% of the total value of the lease.
The cancellation risk can be insured.
In the event that the lessee can not participate in the journey, he can transfer the reservation to another passenger that meets the agreed conditions. The transfer must be made to the agent at least 3 days before departure. If a change of reservation is possible, this can be done upon payment of EUR 50.00 additional administrative costs.

The price list is given as the Annex of the General Conditions. The rental prices are determined according to different types of camper vans in different periods.

Additional services can no longer be ordered later.
The rental price does not include the following costs: fuel, parking fees, vignettes for foreign countries, communal taxes, fees and taxes, pawns, penalties for traffic offenses and other damage caused during the lease.

In Slovenia the camper van driver or tenant must have a valid B-category driving license (for vehicles weighing up to 3.5t) and at least five years of driving experience, a minimum age of 23 years, a valid identity document and a valid security credit card.

At the pick up time of the camper van a security deposit of EUR 1,000.00 up to EUR 1,500.00 is applied, depending on the type of the camper van rented. The security is paid by a valid credit (Visa, Master or Diners). The amount is blocked on your credit card for the whole of the rental period.

The amount is intended to cover any damage at the time of lease for:

– the deductible franchises of 1% of the value of the vehicle in the case of comprehensive insurance in the event of injury, accident or theft;
– loss of the premium class, bonus;
– damage or loss of equipment;
– when no comprehensive insurance is included:
damage to: bumper, mirrors, lights, damage to interior design, awnings and damage caused by car parking.

The damage in the actual amount of the origin is calculated up to an amount of EUR 1,000.00 or 1,500.00 EUR, depending on the type of the camper van. Damage represents the value of spare parts increased by the value of the replacement work. The difference between the actual damage and the collateral is returned to the lessee.

In the event that the conditions for retaining the security deposit are not fulfilled, it is returned in full amount to the lessee. In the case of unexplained circumstances regarding the occurrence of damage and its extent, the security deposit is kept until clarification.
In the event that the lessee is the causer of the accident or its participant, the security deposit is retained in its entirety. In case of damage to indoor equipment and commodities, which are not covered by insured insurance, its scope is charged in the actual amount (material + work) of the replacement.

In the event that of: an accident, a theft, a burglary, a dispossession of the camper van, the traveler is obliged to call the police. The event must be reported and filled in by a European report.

After the accident, the tenant must be in possession of a police record and a European report and hand them over to the lessor.

In the event that the lessee does not have the required documents, he will be liable for the payment of all the costs and damages incurred. On return the vehicle must be in perfect condition, as it was at the time of the pick up and by taking into account the use at the time of lease.

All damages and defects must be notified immediately to the lessor, so that they can provide for repair in a timely manner.

The lessor may raise the security, exceptionally and at his own discretion, according to the purpose and time of travel.

The lessee must take into account the limit of the permitted mileage per day or per week; 400 km / day or 2800 km / week. At the end of the lease the total number of kilometers, not daily, is taken into account. Overrun mileage is charged at the price of 0.30 EUR / km

Leases for less than 7 days is not an option during high season.
In the middle season and out of season, the minimum rental period is 4 days.
The camper van is picked up at the headquarters of the lessor, Avtocentra Martin Stipič s.p., Zaloška cesta 179, 1000 Ljubljana between 10 am and 3 pm or at other prearranged time. The return time is until 9 am at the same adress.
A few days in advance the lessor and the lessee agree about the exact pick up and camper van presentation. The lessee examines the vehicle: the bodywork, the equipment and the engine then both, the lessor and the lessee sign the pick up record. The pick upr record is the basis for the handover, which binds the lessee and the lessor.
At the time of the pick up, which lasts about 1 hour, the lessor shows the camper van to the lessee and hands over the keys, documents and instructions for use to the lessee.
In the event of a delayed return of the camper van up to 1 hour surcharges for the delay are 50,00 EUR. Each additional hour is surcharged 100,00 EUR. In the event of a delay resulting from »force majeure«, the lessee must immediately inform the lessor by telephone. The lease can not be renewed without prior agreement. For an arbitrary extension of the lease for 1 day or more than 1 day, the lessee will be notified to the competent authorities. The lessor will retain the security in its entirety and request the restoration of the entire damage resulting from the delayed return. Voluntary early return of the camper van by the lessee does not oblige the lessor to return a proportionate part of the rent. The same is true in the event of a delay in the pick up by the lessee.
The lessee returns the vehicle to the headquarters of Avtocenter Martin Stipič s.p., Zaloška cesta 179, 1000 Ljubljana. The camper van must be in the same condition as received by the lessee. On return the camper must have:
– full fuel tank (pointer on the top bar) otherwise the dispensing logistics in the amount of 50.00 EUR + fuel are charged;
– empty cassette and cleaned toilet bowl;
– the camper must be partially cleaned (refrigerator empty, garbage, …);
– empty waste water tank.
On return, the actual condition of the camper van is determined and the operational properties of all devices are checked. Any damage and failure of devices shall be recorded in the takeover record. The damage caused is calculated according to the price list.

Our offer at the time the reservation also includes the costs of cleaning the camper van in the amount of 135.00 EUR and: chemicals for the toilet, 1 x gas … Camper vans are cleaned on the inside and outside, and the waste water tank is also cleaned. The vehicle is to be returned in the same condition. In case of the return of a camper van in an extremely dirty condition, the following is surcharged:
– 100,00 EUR for emptying the toilet cassette
– 100,00 EUR for the extremely dirty vehicle: garbage, emptying of the refrigerator, large amount of dirt in the motorhome, leaves, mud, unpleasant odors.
SMOKING IN THE CAMPER VAN IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Otherwise, an additional payment of EUR 300.00 will be charged to the lessee for special cleaning and disinfection.
Pets are NOT ALLOWED. In the event that notwithstanding this rule, a pet travles with you, an additional cleaning fee of 150 EUR is charged.
The pick-up and return of the camper van can also be performed on Saturdays and Sundays and on holiday days, however it is additionally charged 100,00 EUR.

The company Avtocenter Martin Stipič s.p. is the official representative in Slovenia for the sale and servicing of camper vans of the LMC and FORSTER brand. We are qualified for all repairs, so unauthorized persons are not competent for any repairs. For any repair impeccability carried out by an unauthorized person, the lessee is the sole responsible. The lessor does not recognize the repairs made during the rental of a motorhome, which were not previously announced and approved. Only authorized services must be performed abroad. The occurrence of the damage must be reported immediately to the lessor. In case of repairs, the lessee must deliver to the lessor an original copy of the invoice, which must be read to the Autocenter Martin Stipič s.p., Zaloška cesta 179, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Tax No .: SI92058043. In the absence of a properly and fully completed account, the lessor is not obliged to reimburse the costs incurred.

Camper vans are a standardly equipped with: a refrigerator, cooker, sink, toilet, bathroom, stogare box/space (bike, luggage), awning, chairs, table, optional bicycle holder,

Accessories included in the rent:
– vignette for Slovenian roads;
– compulsory equipment (fire extinguisher, tire replacement kit, spare wheel, triangle, first aid, safety jacket);
– 1 x full gas cylinder;
– flooring pads;
– electric cable with adapter for connection to 220V
– water hose, bucket and broom.

The lessee should carefully and in advance plan the intended trip. He should familiarized with the regulations governing the use of camper vans in individual countries, road traffic regulations and other regulations on permitted and/or unauthorized overnight stays, e.g. camping outside of arranged places. In procedures for misdemeanors, penalties and other procedures, the lessor will provide the competent authorities with all the information of the lessee he disposes of. Fines for offenses and penalties must be paid by the lessee as a camper van user. In the event that the police, customs or inspection services are temporarily not reachable, the lessee is obliged to immediately notify the lessor. The lessee shall bear all the costs of losing the lessor’s income (inability to continue renting).
The lessee is responsible for the keys and the documents of the camper van. He should not leave them in the vehicle, but takes them consistently with him.
Camper vans intended for winter travel have all the appropriate equipment. Before starting the journey, the lessee must check whether the camper van is equipped with accessories that may be prescribed by each country.
The total permissible mass of the camper van is 3,500 kg. In case the lessee exceeds the permissible mass he is solely the responsible.
Transportation of prohibited substances and people without documents or unregulated documents are forbidden as well as everything that is prohibited by the Legislation in the Republic of Slovenia or / in other countries through which the tenant travels or is hosts.
It is strictly prohibited to rent the camper van for use by another person. In case of disregard of this rule, the lessor may withhold the security in full.

The lessor ensures that the camper van is in good condition at the time of the pick up and without any defect that could be the cause of an accident. The lessor assumes no liability at the time of lease for:
– equipment or things that are alienated, lost or stolen during the time of the lease;
– documents and money in left the camper van;
– forgotten things in the camper van after rental period.
All of the above is alsos not included in camper van insurance.
In the event of a breakdown or failure of the camper van, the lessor is obliged to provide the lessee with another camper van of the same class and type as the booked/rented camper van. The lessee is obliged to accept it without compensation. If this is not possible, the lesse is asked to accept an available camper van. The difference in the rental price will be reimbursed if the latter camper van is of lower class. In the event that the lessee does not accept this, the payment will be fully refunded without any compensation to the lesser. All camper vans intended for renting are equipped with tracking devices.
The Court of Ljubljana has jurisdiction over all possible disputes.

In the event of an accident, immediately call the police, fill out the European report and immediately call the lesser. The lessee is obliged to submit the damage report upon returning the damaged vehicle. The lessee must hand over all received documentation to the lesser with the attached damage and accident drawings. The police record must contain all the data (names) of the Green Card holder involved in the accident as well as of all the vehicles involved in the accident. In the event that an accident is caused by the lessee due to driving under the influence of alcohol, negligent behaviour or under the influence of psychoactive substances, the insurance company does not reimburse the caused damage. The payment of the damage thus incurred is therefore within the competence of the lessee As it is also the loss of the revenue due to repair of the camper van.

During renting time we offer to our tenant customers free parking of their vehicles at their own risk. There is no additional or special insurance for the parking lot. Possible damages are not borne by the landlord Avtocenter Martin Stipič s.p.

With the rented camper van you can travel to EU countries, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Iceland, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey. Other countries are the subject of a reservation arrangement. Before traveling the lessee must check the validity of the Green Card and inform the lessor if he needs any special insurance. The said costs of such arrangements are paid for by the lessee.

Avtocenter Martin Stipič s.p. as the lessor of camper vans, does not recognize or deems as valid any out-of-court settlements of any disputes between the lessee at the lessor that the lessee might initiate in accordance with the Law on Out-of-Court Dispute Settlement of consumer disputes.
The link is available online:
The regulation is based on the Law on Out-of-Court Dispute Settlement, EU Regulation No 524/2013 on the internet dispute settlement and amending EC Regulation No .: 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC.

The lessor will protect all personal data that he / she gives during their business transactions. The lessee agrees that the lessor himself processes and handles the data to external institutions in case of a demonstrated justified interest.

The lessee with his signature confirms that he is acquainted with the “General conditions for renting a camper van” and will fully respect and uphold them.

The general conditions apply from 2019/3/1.