Camper van renting

Choosing the type


You will love the motorhome CJ660.

DUO’SPACE bathroom with swiveling partition to optimize space
Privacy curtain for larger bathroom space
Rigid day/night partition
Twin beds (80 x 210/190 cm + 80 x 200 cm)
King size bed extension: 150 x 202 cm (option)
Central overhead units and shelves at head of twin beds

4 persons | 4 beds  | 6,61 m (length)


You will love the motorhome SB740

– Kids’ bedroom with up to 3 beds
– Up to 7 berths (option)
– Rear bedroom dinette bed converts into 2-person bed
– Bunk beds

5 persons | 5 beds  | 7,42 m (length)

Rapido M66

A-Class with MERCEDES AL-KO chassis, extrawide rear track and storage double floor.

3 persons | 2+2 beds  | 7,20 m (length)

Rapido 886 F

Conjure up an unforgettable holiday with comfort, elegance and French charm, guided by the new model in 2021 Rapido 886F

4 persons | 2+2 beds  | 7,20 m (length)

LMC 643 G

65 YEARS EDITION Your vacation can’t start better

2 persons | 2 beds  | 676 cm (length)

NEW 2021 – Etrvsco V5900DB

Endless holidays at a low price. The dynamic Etrusco Vans offer everything you need for travelling.

4 persons | 2+1 beds  | 595 cm (length)

NEW 2021 Etrvsco A7300 DB

The new model A 7300 DB captivates with an extensive sense of space for up to six travellers.
6 people | 4+2 berths | 725 cm (length)

NEW 2021 Etrvsco T7300SB

Besides the functional kitchen the single bed model T 7300 SB offers a space-saving vario bathroom and a spacious garage in the rear.

5 people  | 2+3 beds | 735 cm (lenght)


The traditional production of camper vans has been applied to this vehicle. Masterly and effective embodiment of ideas. The cabin is perfectly integrated into the whole blueprint, combining a sleek design with excellent functionality. A camper van that offers accommodation and sleeping for 4 people.

4 persons | 2+2 berths | 6990 mm (length)


Offering 2 x 1 960 mm x 830 mm practical single beds, the Forster T 738 EB model also has a long kitchen with a large 160 liter refrigerator. In the back section of the camper there are two steps to facilitate access to the berths. In a large storage box with rear wheels, you can find plenty of space for all your luggage.

5 persons | 2+3 berths | 7380mm (length)